Precast Elements in 5 days: The Success Story of Perspektywa

June 21, 2023

Gdańsk is the picturesque capital of the Pomeranian Voivodeship on Poland's east coast. What brings us to this port city with a lively amber trade? The answer is the successful construction of a sustainably designed residential complex, for which the first prefabricated parts were delivered to the building site just 5 days after the order was placed.  

Stylish living, well thought-out in terms of green credentials: the Perspektywa residential project near the port city of Gdansk scores highly here, combined with all the advantages of modern living. In particular, the residents enjoy the private open spaces that provide a holiday atmosphere at any time of year. Over the last years, balconies and terraces have also become even more popular and important. In addition, this residential project excels with sophisticated sustainability features; for example, in the form of rainwater retention systems and charging stations for electric vehicles.

The view of a hill overlooking "the golden city", which can be reached on foot in a few minutes, also has a special charm.

Perspektywa, planned by S.A.M.I. Architects, captivates with a diverse mix of flats and urban villas. The project comprises a total of 13 main buildings and is managed by the renowned real estate developer Euro Styl S.A..

3_Perspektywa_Case-Study_-(c)Leier-Polska-S.A© Leier Polska S.A.

Trust in Prefabrication for 20 years

Leier Polska S.A. was responsible for the planning and production of 500 balconies, numerous flights of stairs, and about 70,000 m² of prefabricated ceilings. The company has been relying on ALLPLAN's precast software solutions for more than 20 years.

Efficiency has always been a real success factor, particularly in the construction industry. Within a very short time, all precast elements were planned, produced, delivered to the construction site, and installed. Leier Polska S.A.’s planning department and technical department were supported with implementing this way of working with Allplan.

Modern automation

A high degree of automation speeds up both planning and production processes. Data created with Allplan can be used by production machines such as plotters, bending machines for reinforcement, or formwork robots. This form of automation saves time and reduces the effort and risks of physical labor. In turn, these advantages benefit people.

Portrait_Leier-Polska-S.A.© Krzysztof Jaskólski, Leier Polska S.A.

Speaking of people: it makes us proud to hear what users say about our solutions.

“The clear and intuitive transition from the architectural design to the detailed planning of precast elements makes work easier, and at the same time, avoids the unnecessary duplication of work as well as errors," explains Krzysztof Jaskólski, precast designer at Leier Polska S.A..

They also had this to say:

"Allplan Precast enables time savings of around 70% in precast design and detailing and around 30% in production."

Interested in the details? Read the full success story here.

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