Everything that makes building better

June 14, 2017

To be honest: Do we really need another architecture blog? We asked ourselves this question before we launched the Allplan Blog in 2016. After a deep and unsparing self-reflection, we came to the clear conclusion: No. What the world clearly lacked, however, was a format that would present the construction industry/AEC sector in its wonderful diversity in an easily digestible way - from architecture and urban development to civil engineering, materials science, new technologies, production methods and construction methods. Of course we didn't want to deprive the world of our over 30 years of expertise in Building Information Modeling (BIM): Knowledge that we like to share in such a way that our readers really understand it and are not left alone with unclear or unclarified terms and concepts.

In all these areas, our passion is as much for beautiful form as it is for sustainable substance - and ideally above all for the successful combination of both. We are particularly interested in innovative ideas, concepts, processes and projects that pursue exactly this ideal, in short: everything that makes building better. In doing so, we take a look at both practical applications and research and teaching. Our contributions are primarily aimed at "people in the profession": Architects, urban planners, engineers, specialist planners and facility managers on the one hand, and building owners, developers and general planners on the other hand, whose wishes and requirements are ultimately the starting point for better building. But we are also happy to welcome all others who "get lost" in our site by chance or out of pure curiosity. After all, the building industry/AEC sector is far too exciting and beautiful not to share it with everyone.