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5 Sustainable Construction Materials

As we move into the era of eco-conscious construction, those materials that blend the...
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17 Apr

Engineers Without Borders expand education ce...

Engineers Without Borders is supporting a women's group with the expansion of a Kenyan...
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10 Apr
BIM, Bridge Engineering

Restoring the Friddizza Viaducts with BIM

The structural rehabilitation of existing suspended road infrastructure is a hot topic...
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5 Apr
Bridge Engineering

The top 5 highest bridges

Whether 400 or 500 meters – no gorge is too deep for the world's highest bridges. We show...
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3 Apr

ALLPLAN People: Prerna Jolly, Product Owner –...

Imagine a product professional who thrives on new challenges, adapts seamlessly to any...
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27 Mar

Wientalterrassen: An award-winning residentia...

The flagship residential quarter "Wientalterrassen" in Vienna has already received...
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22 Mar
BIM, Bridge Engineering

Four small bridges: BIM at the HTW Dresden

Four groups of Master's students at HTW Dresden show how the next generation of...
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20 Mar
ALLPLAN, Bridge Engineering

Paving the Way for Progress in Moldavia

In the heart of Eastern Europe, a road project in Moldavia is breaking new ground, both...
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13 Mar

Leading the Digital Transformation: The ALLPL...

ALLPLAN is delighted to announce the return of their "ALLPLAN Build the Future Summit"...
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11 Mar
BIM, Architecture

Planning and Implementation with BIM and Lean...

At Vollack, not only are all projects carried out using BIM, but they are also enriched...
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8 Mar
ALLPLAN, Bridge Engineering

From Blueprints to Bridges: How Yüksel Proje ...

With a heritage spanning over four decades, Yüksel Proje has mastered the art of...
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6 Mar

BIM and IPA at the new Thermoplan plant

In the construction of the new Thermoplan plant in Weggis, those responsible have so far...
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28 Feb