Designing Hungary’s Favorite Office

June 5, 2024

One of the newest additions to Budapest’s urban landscape, the sleek and innovative Heavy Tools head office, has captured the attention and admiration of both the public and industry experts. Designed by Tibor Csillag Architects L.P. and engineered by Civil Engineering Company Ltd. (CENC), this impressive project is a testament to innovative design and engineering excellence. Commissioned by Premium Sport Ltd., the office recently garnered the prestigious Public Favourite Office of the Year award at the Hungarian Real Estate Awards 2024. Keep reading to see how this ambitious, award-winning design was brought to life. 

Project background

Premium Sport Ltd., a dynamic company specializing in the design, manufacture, and retail distribution of clothing products, faced growing demand for its commercial trade operations. To accommodate this expansion, the company decided to establish a new logistics center. The Heavy Tools head office in Budapest was conceived as part of this initiative, aimed at creating an integrated office and warehouse facility.

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The primary objective of the project was to design a state-of-the-art office building alongside a functional warehouse, all within a unified structure. The vision was that the building would serve not only as a hub for logistics and administrative functions but also as a modern, aesthetically pleasing workspace that reflects the company's innovative spirit. Spanning a gross floor area of 6,600 square meters, the facility is strategically located on the south side of the plot.

The project, which took place from 2021 to 2022, involved constructing the building in a single block with a sectioned form, using dilatation to effectively separate the office and warehouse areas while maintaining a cohesive overall design.

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A helping hand

The architects and the engineers at CENC worked collaboratively to bring this vision to life. The use of Allplan civil and structural engineering software was integral to this collaboration, providing a robust platform for designing complex structures and ensuring seamless integration of various building components.

The facility's design incorporates architectural and engineering solutions to meet the demands of a high-performance workspace. The office area is designed to foster productivity and collaboration, featuring open-plan layouts, flexible meeting spaces, and state-of-the-art amenities. The warehouse, on the other hand, is optimized for efficiency and functionality, with ample storage space, advanced logistics systems, and robust construction to support heavy loads.

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Throughout the design and implementation phases, Allplan software played a critical role in addressing the challenges associated with this complex project. Its ability to create detailed 3D models of reinforced concrete structures and hybrid constructions enabled the team to visualize and refine every aspect of the design. The software's Workgroup module facilitated parallel modeling by multiple team members, ensuring that all elements were accurately coordinated and integrated.

The use of Allplan also extended to the construction phase, where detailed 3D reinforcements and node exports helped builders execute the design with precision. This capability was particularly valuable for handling complex geometries and ensuring that all structural components fit together seamlessly. In fact, the precast concrete manufacturers also used Allplan, which further facilitated collaboration. Additionally, the ability to generate 3D DXF files for finite element analysis ensured that even the most intricate design elements were accurately represented and effectively implemented. The manageability, methodology, and process management offered by Allplan also ensured that the project was executed efficiently and to the highest standards.

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Driving Excellence

The design and implementation of the award-winning Heavy Tools head office exemplifies the successful application of advanced architectural and engineering techniques, made possible through the use of Allplan civil engineering design software. This project stands as a model of how modern technology can drive both innovation and excellence in building design and construction.

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