ALLPLAN People: Egemen Demirtas, Pre-Sales Engineer

May 29, 2024

From the rhythmic precision of drumming to the technical finesse of prefabricated design, Egemen Demirtas thrives on challenges that demand both creativity and problem-solving. As a Pre-Sales Engineer for ALLPLAN’s DACH region, he’s the vital bridge between complex software and real-world construction needs. With a background in training and support, Egemen’s journey to sales might seem unconventional. Yet, it’s precisely this diverse experience that makes him such an asset to ALLPLAN and its customers.

From Training to Transformation

Egemen’s path to ALLPLAN began in 2016 as a Technical Support Engineer. It was through immersing himself in customers’ workflows – with on-site visits and in-depth training sessions – that his talents began to truly shine. He wasn’t just resolving technical queries; he was diagnosing opportunities and identifying untapped potential. “I really enjoy seeing the whole process at the precast factory and what is achievable with our data,” Egemen remarks. “There’s something incredibly amazing about seeing those designs in Allplan come to life in the precast factory.”


This deep understanding of client pain points fueled a desire to do more than just troubleshoot. Egemen wanted to be proactive, helping customers achieve their goals in those initial design phases. The transition to Pre-Sales Engineer was a natural next step, allowing him to use his technical knowledge and customer empathy to drive real results. “What I love most about my job is the unique blend of technical challenge and customer interaction it offers,” Egemen says. “Each customer has their own design and production process which makes my daily work so interesting.”

The Pre-Sales Problem Solver

When a potential precast customer reaches out to ALLPLAN, Egemen sees it as much more than a potential sale. It’s a puzzle to be solved, a collaboration to be forged. His first task is to truly understand the customer’s unique needs and the challenges that brought them to consider Allplan. “So, the key is really to understand the customer and see where they still have the potential to automate manual steps,” he explains.


This investigative approach lets Egemen tailor demonstrations that resonate with their audience. His experience with various customers means he can anticipate pain points, offering solutions that go beyond buzzwords and features to translate complex technical capabilities into real gains in efficiency and productivity.

His impact doesn’t end with the sale – a successful implementation is as vital as the initial pitch. This often involves working with clients who’ve used Allplan for years. Egemen helps them break out of established routines, introducing new features and streamlined workflows to maximize the software’s potential. “There are new innovations ... which can help create a more efficient way to handle specific tasks,” he says. Sometimes, those few saved clicks can revolutionize someone’s workday.


Beyond the Software

When Egemen isn’t diving into the intricacies of precast design solutions, he’s likely found behind a drum kit. As a passionate drummer in two bands (rock and indie), he applies the same focus and dedication to his musical pursuits. The stage provides a different kind of challenge, one that involves creativity, collaboration, and a keen sense of timing. While quite different from the technical world of ALLPLAN, this musical passion no doubt contributes to the adaptable mindset that makes him such a successful Pre-Sales Engineer.

Egemen’s drive doesn’t end there. He’s also an avid weightlifter who enjoys pushing his physical limits. This focus on self-improvement and achieving new goals mirrors the ambition he brings to his work. Perhaps it even influences his approach to customers – just as one might break down a complex workout routine, he tackles client challenges methodically, always aiming for the most efficient and impactful solution.


More than Meets the Eye

Egemen Demirtas isn’t just a Pre-Sales Engineer; he’s a translator, a problem-solver, and an enthusiastic advocate for Allplan’s potential to transform the precast industry. Whether fine-tuning software solutions for precast production or pushing his limits in the gym, Egemen embodies a spirit of continuous improvement. It’s this unwavering dedication, paired with his open-minded approach, that will undoubtedly continue propelling his success at ALLPLAN, one customer success story at a time.

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