Prefabrication: Building according to the Lego principle!

December 1, 2021

The engineering firm Mossel bc offers planning services for prefabrication. The company relies on Allplan AEC and Allplan Precast for efficient and error-free modeling of precast elements.

Since his early days as an engineer, Benjamin Mossel, founder of the engineering firm Mossel bc, has been fascinated by the precast construction method. “Precast elements offer a great many advantages, because you plan everything in advance. You make sure that the information from the structural engineer and the electrician or plumber is incorporated. And, as a result, you can prepare the precast elements in advance in a very high-quality and efficient manner for assembly on the construction site, which results in an enormous time saving,” he enthuses. Precise modeling of the precast elements ensures that on the construction site the precast parts fit perfectly together, creating a building virtually according to the Lego principle! For the highly automated design and production of walls and slabs, the engineering firm relies on Allplan Precast.

Growth-prefab© ALLPLAN; The precast industry is expectd to grow up to 65% faster than the rest of the industry, according to forecasts by Grand View Research.

Thanks to its numerous automated workflows, Allplan Precast enables swift and error-free modeling and designing of the precast elements. For example, Allplan Precast automatically creates all shop drawings including reinforcement, dimensioning, and fixtures. Allplan Precast also generates reliable data to produce the elements in the precast plant. Mossel is also enthusiastic about the user experience in Allplan Precast. This is because Allplan Precast uses Allplan as its technical basis, which means that the two solutions offer the same user intuitive interface. “Everything I learn in Allplan Precast also helps me in Allplan, and vice versa,” he notes.

For prefabrication, Mossel expects strong growth in the coming years. “I see a very bright future for prefabricated construction, because we need affordable housing. With precast, I can plan quickly and make sure everything works smoothly on the construction site,” he explains.

Learn more about how our customer Mossel bc was able to increase their efficiency during precast projects thanks to Allplan Precast in our video interview.