Holzner & Bertagnolli Engineering: Experts for high alpine Infrastructure

November 24, 2021

The experts for structural design Holzner & Bertagnolli Engineering explain why Allplan is the ideal tool for them.

Cable lifts are highly complex structures that present a whole range of special challenges for their design. This begins with the often difficult terrain. Especially in the high alpine region, conditions can change quickly due to landslides, for example, which requires a high degree of design flexibility. In addition, the time window for work on the mountain is very small. Compared to normal building construction, additional horizontal loads make the statics trickier, while at the same time similarly high aesthetic standards are now set for the architecture of technical structures. For Holzner & Bertagnolli Engineering from Lana, South Tyrol, all these challenges are part of their daily business. To master them, the renowned experts for structural design rely on Allplan.


"The optimal software solution for us"

"Design to build, i.e. design for building, is what is crucial - it wouldn't be possible the other way round," explains Claudio Bertagnolli, Managing Partner at Holzner & Bertagnolli Engineering. Accordingly, Allplan, which has adopted this philosophy, fits in well with the work ethos of the engineers from South Tyrol.


"Allplan is certainly the optimal software solution for us - especially for projects such as cable car stations, which are geometrically very complex and challenging," confirms Stefan Pernthaler, BIM Manager at Holzner & Bertagnolli Engineering.


Manuel Schieder, project manager at Holzner & Bertagnolli Engineering summarises: "We get all the 3D drawings, all the reinforcement details, all the quantity calculations from Allplan. [And] in the meantime also the 3D models of the terrain and the sections and so on. And that's just crucial for us."