New Solutions to Bridge Engineering Challenges

June 14, 2023

Bridge engineering is a complex and demanding field, requiring professionals to navigate a multitude of challenges to ensure the safety, functionality, and longevity of their projects. To help bridge engineers address these challenges and stay up to date with the latest technological advancements, we are excited to introduce our “Your challenges – our solutions” webinar series. This series is designed to provide practical solutions to common problems in bridge engineering, using the powerful capabilities of Allplan Bridge. Each webinar will delve into the intricacies of these challenges and demonstrate how Allplan Bridge can be an essential tool in overcoming them. 

Common Challenges in Bridge Engineering

Free Parametric Modeling and Templating
Parametric modeling is a powerful approach in bridge engineering, enabling engineers to create flexible, adaptable designs that can accommodate a wide range of requirements. However, mastering parametric modeling can be challenging, particularly when working with complex geometry or non-standard components.

Our first webinar, “Free Parametric Modelling and Templating,” explores the enhancements made to the interactive modeling of bridge structures using the new ‘body’ structural member type in Allplan Bridge. Additionally, we also look at the potential for templating by reusing existing project models, offering a powerful way to accelerate the design process and ensure consistency across projects.

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Efficient Axis-Related Modeling
The foundation of bridge modeling begins with the accurate definition and import of axes. Bridge engineers face the challenge of using existing data in various file formats to create or import axes that not only determine the global alignment of the superstructure but also describe the geometry of certain structural parts.

Our second webinar, “Axis-Related Modeling,” delves into the capabilities of Allplan Bridge for handling axes, including the use of accompanying and transversal axes, linking piers to terrain axes, and generating detailed axis reports.

Interoperability in Transportation Projects
Interoperability is a key topic for highways and transportation projects due to the number of stakeholders involved. The first webinar in the series, “BIM and Interoperability,” explores how BIM facilitates collaboration among stakeholders and enhances project efficiency. Based on the ISO 19650 information management process, the webinar addresses tasks such as information requirements, information delivery, and the use of OpenBIM for improved interoperability.

The webinar dives into the management and execution of tasks related to information requirements, with a particular emphasis on Exchange Information Requirement as per ISO 19650. Attendees will also explore the information delivery phase, guided by a BIM execution plan (BEP). Key topics covered include BIM modeling, quality control/quality assurance, and real-life lessons learned. Additionally, the session highlights the significance of interoperability, focusing on the seamless exchange of information within the ALLPLAN ecosystem and other third-party solutions. By participating, highway and transportation infrastructure engineers can gain valuable insights to enhance their project workflows and collaboration with stakeholders.

Workflow Efficiency and Automation
In today’s fast-paced and competitive construction environment, bridge engineers must optimize their workflows to achieve greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness. One challenge they face is identifying areas where automation can streamline processes, reduce errors, and improve overall productivity. Our upcoming webinar on TCL scripting in Allplan Bridge will demonstrate how scripting can help automate tasks, customize project control, and enhance your workflows.

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Modeling and Analysis for Different Bridge Types
Accurate modeling and analysis are crucial to the success of any bridge engineering project. Engineers face challenges in creating precise models for various bridge types, such as slab girder bridges, and analyzing their structural behavior under different loads and conditions. In our webinar focused on modeling and analyzing slab girder bridges, we will explore the tools and techniques available in Allplan Bridge to simplify this process and ensure accurate, reliable results.

Time-Dependent Effects in Bridge Design
Accounting for time-dependent effects, such as creep and shrinkage, is essential for the long-term stability and safety of bridge structures. Bridge engineers must understand and manage these effects during the design process. Our webinar on construction sequencing and time-dependent analysis will delve into the methodologies and tools in Allplan Bridge that make it easy to perform these calculations and ensure your designs can withstand the test of time.

Ensuring Compliance with Standards with Interactive Bridge Design
Creating interactive bridge designs that comply with industry standards, such as EN, is another challenge faced by bridge engineers. Ensuring compliance requires a deep understanding of the standards, as well as efficient methods to integrate them into the design process. Our webinar on interactive bridge design according to EN will demonstrate how Allplan Bridge’s powerful features can streamline the design process while ensuring compliance with the relevant standards.

Verification of Design and Checks for Compliance
Verifying designs and checks for compliance with industry standards is crucial to ensure the safety and reliability of bridge structures. Engineers must be well-versed in the verification process and able to interpret the results accurately. In our webinar on verification of EN design and checks, we will explore the methods used in Allplan Bridge for code-based design and provide guidance on understanding the consequences of inputs and interpreting the results.

Empowering Bridge Engineers for Success

By addressing these common challenges in bridge engineering, our “Your challenges - our solutions” webinar series aims to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to optimize your designs and ensure the success of your projects using Allplan Bridge.

Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your skills, stay current with industry advancements, and tackle the challenges of bridge engineering with confidence. Join us for our “Your challenges - our solutions” webinar series and discover how Allplan Bridge can revolutionize your engineering projects – register here. Alternatively, you can view the recorded sessions at a time that suits you; simply visit our ALLPLAN On Demand page.

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