Paving the Way for Progress in Moldavia

March 13, 2024

In the heart of Eastern Europe, a road project in Moldavia is breaking new ground, both on site and in the design office. Located on the M1 expressway and R1 routes, northwest of the municipality of Chisinau, the redevelopment of two key junctions will streamline connectivity between localities and main transport routes, as well as enhancing mobility and traffic safety. Furthermore, the layout changes will expedite the transport of goods and passengers and reduce air pollution by eliminating stationary traffic at key intersections. This pioneering project also marks Moldavia's first application of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in road infrastructure with the help of ALLPLAN’s software solutions, setting a new standard for future projects.  

Project Background

Began in January 2023, this project is a feasibility study to determine the viability of redeveloping two level road intersections controlled by traffic lights into a grade-separated junction. This collaborative endeavor is the work of the State Administration of Roads, the Technical University of Moldavia, and ALLBIM NET, and is expected to be completed in May 2024. The proposals would remove multiple parking lots and traffic storage lanes in order to integrate a left-turn lane, improving air quality in the area and reducing the risk of accidents. A new overpass, roundabout, and two level junctions would also be constructed, along with provisions for both pedestrians and cyclists.

These proposals aim to enhance the road network at critical points where traffic congestion and safety concerns have long been prevalent. It would also help to improve local access to major transport arteries, thereby expediting transport flows, reducing travel times, and decreasing costs for the conveyance of goods and passengers. A notable environmental benefit is the expected reduction in air pollution due to the minimization of idle vehicle emissions at these intersections, contributing to a greener, more sustainable area.

R1_Truseni_-Vederi_6_NEU© INJPROIECT Chisinau

The project's uniqueness lies in its pioneering use of BIM for infrastructure in Moldavia, with detailed models featuring infrastructure-specific attributes delivered on the Bimplus CDE platform. This included the integration of the new infrastructure-specific IFC4.3 format.

Integrating BIM Successfully

The ALLPLAN software suite, comprising Allplan with the Road module and Allplan Bridge, has significantly enhanced the efficiency and collaborative spirit of the Chisinau road project with their 3D parametric modeling capabilities. They were instrumental in creating parametric models for the infrastructure, allowing for future reconfigurations. The ease of use and learning of the programs facilitated a performance-oriented BIM process, which proved indispensable from conception to completion.

Allplan's tools simplified defining the entire infrastructure's 3D models and managing them effectively, ensuring the project fulfilled both the EN ISO 19650 standard and infrastructure-specific IFC4.3 format. Allplan Bridge was particularly helpful for integrating the parametrically modeled bridge on the single axis of the road while maintaining the parametric variables and attributes associated with the elements.

R1_Truseni_-Vederi_10_NEU© INJPROIECT Chisinau

The integration of Bimplus was another substantial asset, improving project delivery for the beneficiary by fostering efficient collaboration and management of the BIM data, contributing to the project's success. With the streamlined workflows achieved with Bimplus’ Issue Manager, the team achieved a fully integrated project layout that could be managed efficiently throughout the design and delivery stages.

Driving Future Development

This project, with its pioneering use of BIM, is not merely a road redesign, but rather a pathway to a more interconnected and efficient future. The project is not only well on its way to achieving its goals but is also setting a precedent for future developments, demonstrating the power of innovative software solutions in building a more connected and sustainable world.

If you are inspired by the strides taken in Moldavia and looking to explore the potential of Allplan in your own projects, why not download a free, 14-day trial and discover how it can elevate your projects from concept to construction.

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