From Blueprints to Bridges: How Yüksel Proje Leverages Allplan for Quick Delivery

March 6, 2024

With a heritage spanning over four decades, Yüksel Proje has mastered the art of combining traditional engineering principles with cutting-edge technology. A perfect example of this harmonious integration is their strategic adoption of Allplan 3D modeling software for their extensive array of projects. Here, we delve into the compelling story of how Yüksel Proje harnesses Allplan and Allplan Bridge to transform complex designs into tangible masterpieces, demonstrating their commitment to quality, precision, and client satisfaction. 

Yüksel Proje: A Brief Profile

Established in 1978, Yüksel Proje has been at the forefront of design and consultancy services for nearly 45 years, cementing its position as a leader in the global architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. Operating across more than 30 countries and currently actively involved in projects in 17 of them, the company boasts an extensive portfolio that spans the transportation, infrastructure, superstructure, and energy sectors.

Innovation is at the heart of Yüksel Proje's ethos, which led to the establishment of the sector's first R&D Center in 2017. The company's commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly projects is evident in its design and consultancy work, which includes some of the world's most remarkable engineering feats, including the Yavuz Sultan Bridge, the Marmaray Project, and the Izmir Bay Crossing.

1623921567_marmaray5© Yüksel Proje; The Railway Bosphorus Tube Crossing (Marmaray) Project was planned as an uninterrupted and modern metro transport system which connects the Asian and European sides of Istanbul.

Efficient Project Execution with Advanced 3D Modeling Software

The selection of Allplan and Allplan Bridge as Yüksel Proje’s preferred platform for complex bridge and infrastructure projects is a testament to their customer-centric philosophy. This choice has been pivotal in enabling them to meet tight deadlines without compromising on quality. A prime example of this is the rapid two-month completion of the Rize-Artvin Airport intersection bridge in Turkey. By leveraging Allplan Bridge and its WORKGROUP feature, Yüksel Proje achieved collaborative and efficient work distribution, allowing multiple personnel to concurrently contribute to the project and significantly accelerate project timelines.

Overcoming Complex Challenges

Complex designs are also easily dealt with. For projects like the Zigana Bridge and the overpass projects within the Çanakkale Motorway Project, Yüksel Proje utilized Allplan's parametric modeling to handle intricate geometries and slopes, illustrating their methodical approach to addressing engineering challenges.

1636675048_canakkale-viyadukleri-g1© Yüksel Proje; Canakkale Bridge: Two viaducts with a total length of 1586 m, constructed with incremental launching method.

The Shusha Bridge in Azerbaijan, with its unique combination of post-tensioned box sections and steel truss-supported concrete arch, further demonstrates this. Here, Allplan Bridge's flexible modeling environment provided the necessary tools to handle the project's complex superstructure and variable cross-section columns, while still ensuring timely and quality delivery.

The integration of Allplan in the Romania Sibiu-Pitesti Lot2 Project emphasizes the importance of accurate reinforcement and post-tensioning cable modeling, highlighting Yüksel Proje's foresight in anticipating and efficiently managing potential construction revisions.

Innovation in Design and Testing for Structural Integrity

Yüksel Proje's innovative use of Allplan Bridge modeling software extends beyond mere modeling to include design validation and visual presentations. Their work on the Ilisu Bridge over the Ilisu Dam in Turkey, which features an inclined cable suspension system, exemplifies their commitment to both precision and aesthetics. The parametric modeling capabilities of Allplan Bridge were instrumental in defining the pylon's intricate geometry. Moreover, the 3D models produced were not only used for construction purposes but also served as detailed representations for wind test simulations, a critical step in ensuring structural integrity against environmental forces.

Similarly, the Oran Viaduct in Algeria needed to be designed in accordance with the stringent Eurocode standards, which was streamlined using Allplan's automatic reinforcement detail adjustments. Additionally, Allplan's multilingual support played a crucial role in preparing layouts in French, showcasing Yüksel Proje's ability to cater to international standards and linguistic requirements.

1650374744_shushabridge2© Yüksel Proje; Shusha Bridge

Technical Insights: Enhancing Project Efficiency with PythonParts

For Yüksel Proje, the integration of Python support within Allplan makes the software even more powerful and effective. By using PythonPart objects – which are essentially customizable parametric models – they can produce reliable and efficient work with remarkable speed.

A critical advantage of this technology is the synchronization of calculation and drawing stages, allowing for dynamic revisions that are immediately reflected in project drawings. This responsiveness is essential to accommodate customer requirements and consultant feedback promptly. The team leverages TCL files for real-time model adjustments through simple Excel file inputs, maintaining their competitive edge in project agility.

The structured nature of PythonPart objects permits the systematic production of drawings and documentation, enhancing clarity and reducing the risk of errors. For instance, the automation of reinforcement details, managed by specified Python parameters, ensures accuracy and complies with predefined standards.

This automation extends beyond bridge elements to various engineering structures as well. For example, in highways projects there can be dozens of culverts. Using PythonParts allows for the instantaneous incorporation of dimensions and reinforcement in the layout drawings, and detail drawings to be created rapidly.

An Industry Leader

Yüksel Proje’s journey with Allplan is more than a testament to technological adoption; it is a narrative of visionary foresight and the relentless pursuit of excellence. From the rapid modeling of intersection bridges to the precise detailing of complex viaducts, Yüksel Proje has leveraged all that Allplan has to offer to deliver exceptional quality within ambitious timelines. This synergy of expertise and technology not only fortifies Yüksel Proje’s status as an industry pioneer but also sets a new benchmark for engineering and architectural firms worldwide.

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