Eduardo Lazzarotto: My First 100 Days with ALLPLAN

February 3, 2023

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work at an AEC software provider like ALLPLAN? Our newest colleague, Eduardo Lazzarotto, shared his insights after joining the company in late 2022. Taking over as SVP of Products and Strategy, Eduardo will be helping to shape future product releases for our customers. Here’s what he had to say about his new role.

Eduardo, looking back at your first 100 days with the company, what has been your greatest success so far?

Our biggest success over the past 100 days has been the timely release of our 2023 solution stack, including both Allplan AEC and Allplan Bridge. These come packed with innovations and enhancements, from new features and workflows to better interface and usability. I strongly recommend everyone to try it out, either for the first time as a potential customer, or for the existing customers around the world. The team has done a great job before I joined the company in putting together the best versions of our products to date.

How about your biggest challenge since joining?

Joining a well-established company is always challenging, from changing routines, systems, and processes to working with new colleagues and culture. But I must admit that these first 100 days both flew past and have been a great experience. From a warm welcome to intense work through challenges, I had an amazing experience so far and highly recommend ALLPLAN if you are looking to work in tech.

Coming from outside of ALLPLAN, with a ‘fresh view’ on things, what is your vision for the company?

I would break this down into three components: people, processes, and products. ALLPLAN is an open, diverse, and thriving team of smart and dedicated people. We want to make sure that our company culture continues to reflect these values, and that the team continues to feel fulfilled about their everyday jobs. The company is full of people who are passionate about solving customers’ challenges through innovative technology.

Regarding processes, we are working – as most of our customers in the AEC industry – on further digitalizing and continuously improving our processes. Ultimately, the goal here is to make sure we deliver the right products, which both solve customers’ challenges and can be built and maintained efficiently to enable the company to sustainably grow.

Finally, for products, we are working on multiple areas to deliver value to our customers and the AEC industry to increase efficiency in design-to-build workflows. There are many innovations in the making for all parts of the industry, including both buildings and infrastructure, and we will be sharing more news through 2023.

We are also continuously investing in increasing the performance of our solutions and maintaining its well-regarded stability that helps customers around the world deliver amazing projects every day.

What attracted you to working at ALLPLAN? Has it been the experience you imagined?

ALLPLAN is one of the longest established and strongest market leaders among the AEC industry software providers. The company has been growing consistently over decades and continues to deliver innovative solutions that helps customers design, build, and operate buildings and infrastructure projects.

Besides all that, I have met inspiring people that love what they do and have fun while doing it, so honestly, I had every reason to join the company. The experience has been all of that and much more. Through challenges or commemorating victories, the team is filled with passionate people that respect each other and work well towards solving customers problems, so the past 100 days have been both thrilling and fulfilling. And I must repeat once more, if you are looking for a job in tech, it’s the place to be!

How would you describe what it’s like to work at ALLPLAN to one of our customers?

Working at ALLPLAN is challenging, but a lot of fun. The team has managed to build an environment open to ideas, supported by a relentless passion for customer success, and complete with diversity in every sense of the word. All of these lead to continuous innovation and consistent improvement of existing solutions, which is exactly what I would be looking for in an AEC software provider.

If you are not in your office or on a business trip, where are we most likely to find you and what will you be doing there?

You will probably still find me travelling. When not on business trips, I am usually going away for short breaks trying to learn new things, from languages and cultures to cuisine and architecture.

At home, I like going out for an occasional run (a new habit acquired over lockdowns) and exploring London, from theatres and museums to the great markets the city has to offer (ask me about 4am trips to the Billingsgate fish market).

In Part 2, Eduardo shares more of his insights, specifically which trends are driving change across the AEC industry and what impact this has on AEC project delivery.

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