Seamless Design to Delivery: Combining Allplan and SCIA Engineer

May 8, 2024

One of the many benefits of Open BIM is the ability to easily and reliably transfer information between different software tools. For example, combining the power of both Allplan and SCIA Engineer can lead to some impressive results. Below, we look at some of the most inspiring examples of how these two civil and structural engineering programs have worked together to deliver innovative solutions to structural challenges. 

An Urban Symbol in Romania

In Oradea, Romania, an architectural marvel rises above an existing multi-story underground parking lot, merging reinforced concrete, steel, and structural glass into a two-story structure spanning 1,563m². This project, distinguished by its intricate design and complex geometry, used Allplan for the precise 3D modeling of the base structure and SCIA Engineer for the detailed analysis and design under seismic loads.

SCTerifiant_Full_SCIA_Model© S.C. Terifiant Prod S.R.L.

The engineer, S.C. Terifiant Prod S.R.L., chose SCIA Engineer for its proficiency in multi-material design and its BIM support. These features facilitated seamless geometry import and alignment, enabling an integrated approach to address structural challenges.

This collaboration between Allplan and SCIA Engineer showcases a sophisticated workflow from modeling to analysis, ensuring safety, aesthetics, and cost-efficiency through innovative engineering solutions.

The Dalimilova Residential Building, Czech Republic

The 'Dalimilova' residential building, engineered by Atelier P.H.A. s.r.o., is particularly noteworthy for its sophisticated concrete slab and strip foundation system. The main bearing structure, composed of reinforced concrete walls with cantilevered bay windows from the slabs, required meticulous design to ensure overall rigidity, especially in response to variable soil properties.

AtelierPHA_vyztuz_jina3_NEU2© Atelier P.H.A. s.r.o.

As this complexity required an advanced approach to assess the load-bearing structure's behavior, Atelier P.H.A. leveraged SCIA Engineer’s “Soil-in” module for comprehensive analysis of both the upper structure and subsoil. Thanks to BIM, this was integrated seamlessly within Allplan for 3D reinforcement design.

SCIA Engineer was instrumental in refining the project through various structure alternatives, accommodating multiple design iterations to meet the specific demands of the client and architect. This project highlighted the value of SCIA Engineer in facilitating complex structural analysis and design, as well as the seamless synergy between Allplan and SCIA Engineer.

AtelierPHA_deformace_NEU© Atelier P.H.A. s.r.o.

An Innovative Water Treatment Filter Renovation in Brazil

In Maringá, Brazil, a pioneering renovation project by proCalc Engenheiros Associados breathed new life into an old percolator filter, transforming it to use moving bed biological reactor (MBBR) technology for water treatment. The project entailed intricate structural modifications, including adjusting wall heights, adding dividing walls, and installing new walkways on top of the structure. There was a strong focus on minimizing additional loading on existing elements through the strategic design of auxiliary structures like beams and buttresses.

SCIA Engineer played a pivotal role in this transformation, assessing the structure's capacity to endure altered loads, pinpointing areas needing reinforcement or demolition, and detailing new elements crucial for the renovation.

Procalc_Filtro_MBBR_-_2_NEU2© proCalc Engenheiros Associados

Following the comprehensive analysis in SCIA Engineer, the project's structural details were seamlessly transferred to Allplan. This transition facilitated the precise definition of construction stages, quantities, and other specifications, culminating in an IFC format document that provided a 3D model for iterative visualization and adjustments.

The easy interaction between SCIA Engineer and Allplan ensured a collaborative workflow that not only streamlined the renovation process but also enhanced coordination among stakeholders, setting a precedent for efficiency and innovation in engineering projects.

Procalc_Filtro_MBBR_-_6_NEU2© proCalc Engenheiros Associados

Powerful Software for Civil Engineering Structural Design

Each of these projects illustrates how the integration of architectural modeling and structural analysis facilitates innovative solutions to complex engineering challenges. The adaptability and efficiency of combining Allplan's detailed BIM modeling with SCIA Engineer's robust analytical capabilities has proven how effective integrated software solutions are for overcoming engineering challenges while realizing pioneering projects.

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