Everything from a single source: Carré Bleu

August 18, 2021

Carré Bleu offers all project services from a single source. The group of companies relies on Allplan to ensure the smooth interaction of all disciplines.

Those who realise their building project with Carré Bleu from Aubagne in France receive all project services from a single source: the group employs architects and interior designers as well as structural engineers and HVAC design offices and thus covers everything from construction to interior design. "You have to be competent in all areas - in sensitivity, in understanding people, in economics, in technology," is how founder Christian Bois describes the demanding holistic task of his company. It is therefore all the more important that all parts of the company work on the same technical basis. Carré Bleu relies on Allplan for this.


Buildability, flexibility, ambition

There are many reasons why Carré Bleu has found Allplan to be the right software for them. One of them is the principle of buildability. "Allplan enables us to create architecture that is financially and technically feasible," says Clément Bois, partner at Carré Bleu, for example. Another lies in the flexibility of Allplan. Christian Bois: "It's about responsiveness in all phases: design, development, 3D modeling and planning documents - back and forth on the construction site."

ALLPLAN Global Summit

The ability to meet the needs of different stakeholders is also crucial. "It is important for us to make aesthetic designs that look appealing and are easy to understand for the construction companies that will realise the project, and for the architects who will read them," emphasises Joffrey Nys, partner at Carré Bleu. Christian Bois adds philosophically: "In the end, we have a well-built building that meets the requirements. It's an idea, not a plan, but an idea that gets built."