ALLPLAN People: Momchil Marinov, ALLPLAN’s Vice President of Software Development

May 31, 2023

Munich is a city where modern architecture intertwines seamlessly with gothic, neo-classical and baroque buildings – a fitting backdrop then for a passion for software development and architecture to also come together. Momchil Marinov, Vice President of Software Development at ALLPLAN’s head office in Munich, has achieved this symbiosis during his career. While “passion” can be an oft-overused phrase in the professional world, Marinov radiates it in abundance, with his love of learning and drive to continuously improve making it evident that his heart is truly invested in not just his own growth, but in the success and evolution of his team, the software they create, and the field of architecture as a whole. “What I love most about the job,” he says, “is working closely with a team of highly skilled people to create innovative and impactful software products, which is often inspiring but also very rewarding.” 

An International Outlook

From a young age, Marinov embraced the value of working hard and education. “I don’t remember time in my life when I haven’t been working or learning,” he muses.

His first foray into the software field began at a company specializing in electrical CAD and PLM software. But it wasn’t long before ambitions took him to Saint-Petersburg, Russia. There, he joined a company as a Software Developer in the mobile TV industry, all while pursuing a Master’s degree in Software Systems Engineering at RWTH Aachen. Juggling full-time work and his studies, he continued to push the limits of what was possible.

In 2017, Marinov moved to Munich to work for a company specializing in secure online collaboration, where he would eventually become a tech lead. But it was in 2019 that he rediscovered his true passion for architecture, joining ALLPLAN as a Team Lead and later as Head of Cloud. “I was always fascinated by architecture and creating something that stands the test of time. Now, at ALLPLAN, I have re-awakened that passion again,” he enthuses. Today, as the Vice President of Software Development, Marinov not only oversees the entire development process but also leads a team of passionate engineers, ensuring that every project aligns with the company’s strategic objectives.

Finding a Place to Thrive

It’s clear that Marinov has found a place where his unique blend of communication skills, technical expertise, project management prowess, and leadership abilities truly shine. He was drawn to the company by the enticing combination of opportunities, innovative spirit, trust, and the immense passion and devotion exhibited by everyone at the company. “ALLPLAN is one of very few companies in the world which can offer such a rich history yet has managed to stay successful by retaining the agile mentality and culture of a start-up while shedding unnecessary bureaucracy,” he explains.


In an industry as complex as architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC), striving for lean and efficient software could be a daunting task. Yet, at ALLPLAN, Marinov has found the perfect platform to make a real difference for customers by delivering software that offers intuitive usage, remarkable performance, and support tailored to the unique needs of each user. His ultimate goal is to develop software that allows customers to intuitively understand what they can do, with minimal barriers and friction. “Affordance is defined as a relationship between a person and a physical or digital object. To me, perceiving affordances in the software development helps customers figure out what actions are possible without the need for labels or instructions – that is my goal and something which requires plenty of out-of-the-box thinking and going the extra mile,” he explains. By prioritizing the needs of the professionals who use ALLPLAN’s software, Marinov and his team ensure that their developments serve as tools to amplify the skills and capabilities of Allplan users.

When it comes to developing new releases, Marinov is inspired by a quote from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” This philosophy drives him to focus on creating streamlined, efficient software that delivers exceptional user experiences without the need for cumbersome explanations. “I find this applicable to anything which delivers a great experience – be it in communications, a process, or a product. It takes time to write a meaningful letter; it takes even longer to write a meaningful short letter,” he says.

A Collaborative Problem-solver

Marinov’s fascination with people and the innate human curiosity has had the most significant impact on his job. “We all have something to say and a way to say it. However, we also all have a different way of understanding and interpreting other people. Our ability to speak, listen, comprehend, interpret, translate, and validate what has been said – as well as what has been heard – are often treated as separate qualities. I strongly believe that in order to effectively communicate, they all belong as one single atomic skill which needs constant improvement,” he contends.

Drawing from the differences between how people hear, understand, and interpret, Marinov highlights the importance of truly grasping problems and focusing on solutions that work in both the short and long term. He believes that striking the right balance is key to achieving success in software development, as well as in life.

Marinov’s approach to his work at ALLPLAN echoes the wisdom of Robert C. Martin, aka “Uncle Bob”: “The only way to go fast is to go well.” With this mindset, he continues to navigate the intricate world of developing software for architecture, engineering, and construction, pushing boundaries and unlocking new possibilities, all while fostering a culture of growth, collaboration, and excellence. Through his dedication and relentless pursuit of improvement, Momchil Marinov continues to shape the future of software in the AEC sector, one innovative release at a time.

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