ALLPLAN People: Massimo Baldessari, Product Manager, ALLPLAN Italia

January 31, 2024

Amid the stunning alpine landscape of Trento strides a figure as dynamic as the solutions he champions. Meet Massimo Baldessari, the ALLPLAN Italia Product Manager who doesn’t just push boundaries, but redraws them. 

“The name Massimo can mean ‘biggest’, ‘utmost’, or ‘Maximus’ – like the Russel Crowe film – in Italian,” he explains, in a nod to his playful yet profound approach to life. This playfulness is not just in his name but in his methods too. From setting up spirited competitions in internal Allplan chats to hosting a vibrant YouTube channel, Massimo’s leadership style is anything but conventional.

Yet delve deeper, and we find a man who embodies the essence of innovation and collaboration, a leader who’s as much at home discussing the intricacies of software as he is in the rugged beauty of the Italian mountains. Join us for a glimpse into the world of Massimo Baldessari – a world where creativity, technology, and human connection coalesce to create something truly extraordinary.


A Foundation for Future Innovation

Long before Massimo became a central figure at ALLPLAN Italia, his fascination with technology was kindled by a humble Commodore 16. This early exposure to computing in his formative years laid the groundwork for his future endeavors in software and technology. “My first computer wasn’t a real computer; it was something in between a computer and a PlayStation,” Massimo recalls. This blend of gaming and computing on the Commodore 16 was a prelude to his innovative approach to technology, blending enjoyment with functionality.

Alongside his growing interest in technology, Massimo developed a deep passion for rock music. Bands like AC/DC, Metallica, KISS and Måneskin provided the soundtrack to his formative years, instilling a sense of rhythm and creativity that would later influence his professional life. The melodies and rhythms not only provided a soundtrack to his youth but also fueled his creative energy. “Listening to rock helps me find the correct tone of voice and sequence of images and material to use,” he explains.

Massimo’s love for the outdoors, particularly orienteering, plays a significant role in his life. Orienteering, a sport that combines racing with navigation, has been a source of adventure and challenge for him. It’s a pursuit that requires strategic thinking, quick decision-making, and a deep connection with the natural world – skills that are mirrored in his professional endeavors. Orienteering has taken Massimo around the world, allowing him to experience diverse landscapes and cultures, further enriching his perspective. This unique combination of interests fostered a creative and unconventional approach to problem-solving, a hallmark of his career. His motto is: “If you know your Target, nothing will stop YOU!”


Starting A New Chapter

Massimo’s odyssey with ALLPLAN Italia commenced in 1996, a year that marked not just a career change but the beginning of a lifelong passion. “Joining Allplan was like joining a new family,” reminisces Massimo, recalling his early days. He fondly remembers the first version of Allplan he worked with (Allplan Version 10), a testimony to his long-standing relationship with the company and its evolution.

Over the years, Massimo’s exceptional ability to think outside the box has led to unique ways to use ALLPLAN’s solution. For example, his innovative use of typical architecture's tools (e.g. railings) for creating embedded steel structures in engineering projects exemplifies his creative prowess, etc.. Similarly, he expanded the application of Allplan Bridge, demonstrating its versatility beyond bridge construction to include underpasses, retaining walls, and panel designs. These innovations not only demonstrate his creative approach but also enhance the software’s versatility and applicability for diverse projects.

In 2016, he had an incredible opportunity. ALLPLAN chose him to go to Stanford University to attend a Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) certification program. During this experience he learnt what “Production Metric” means = the ability to measure whatever you are doing to improve the workflow and your performance.

In 2017, Massimo demonstrated his extraordinary ability to transform ideas into tangible solutions. He spent the year developing and refining his concepts, proving their practicality through real-world applications. His work with the ‘Design2Cost’ solution (from design to Quantity Take Off), where he analyzed projects to optimize workflows and material usage, highlights his commitment to not just coming up with but also implementing innovative solutions.

His active role in the ALLPLAN Tech Talk Channel (a channel where all ALLPLAN’s international colleagues can reach each other) is another example of his dedication to knowledge sharing and problem-solving, where he regularly contributes insights and solutions.


A Human Touch in a Digital World

Beyond his technical achievements, Massimo’s talent for nurturing relationships is illustrated in his ability to turn everyday interactions into opportunities for connection and innovation. He has a unique flair for engaging his team and peers, exemplified by the informal competitions he organizes within ALLPLAN. These are more than mere contests; they transform ordinary tasks into exciting challenges that encourage creativity and teamwork and allow colleagues to bond over shared goals. For instance, his suggestion to use a TCL script in Allplan Bridge was quickly adopted and expanded upon by his Spanish & US colleagues (Javier Bros Naranjo & Alex Barbone), showcasing a collaborative and inclusive work environment.

Despite his accomplishments, Massimo consistently acknowledges the contributions of his colleagues. He understands that success is a team effort and often highlights how his ideas are enhanced and implemented by others. It’s this blend of professionalism and personal warmth that truly sets him apart, giving him a human touch that has earned him not only respect but also genuine affection from those he works with.

Massimo also understands the power of digital platforms for building and maintaining relationships. His YouTube & LinkedIn channels, with its extensive collection of informative and inspiring videos, isn’t just a tool for education. It’s a medium through which he connects with a global audience, bridging any cultural gaps with his sense of humor and openness. He engages with viewers, responds to their interests, and uses their feedback to shape future content. This approach has not only bolstered his professional network but also cultivated a community of learners and innovators who share his passion for AEC solutions.


A Legacy of Learning and Leadership

Massimo’s story isn’t just about leading a team or managing a product. It’s about a relentless pursuit of excellence, a journey marked by a willingness to explore uncharted territories. Whether it’s addressing the needs of his colleagues or conceptualizing innovative solutions in Allplan, Massimo approaches every challenge with a blend of seriousness and levity, always ready to lend a hand or share a laugh. In the world of software, where technology often takes center stage, Massimo reminds us that the heart of innovation lies in human connection and collaboration.


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