Allplan 2024 Sneak Preview: Empowering AEC Professionals with Cutting-Edge Innovations

July 21, 2023

Interview with Eduardo Lazzarotto, SVP Product and Strategy at ALLPLAN

We're excited to learn more about the forthcoming release of Allplan, version 2024. Can you give us a preview of what to expect from this new release?

Eduardo: Absolutely! Allplan 2024 is an exciting release that we'll be launching in October this year. Before diving into the features, I'd like to highlight our ALLPLAN ethos - our guiding principles of Design to Build. With this new version, we remain committed to providing best-in-class BIM design solutions for AEC professionals who truly design to build.

How does Allplan 2024 support professionals in maximizing their project success?

Eduardo: Allplan 2024 is designed to empower architects, engineers, and construction professionals with more efficient workflows to accelerate their design to build process. We want to give them back the freedom to focus on what they love - designing great architecture, engineering effective transportation infrastructure, and constructing a better-built environment.

Can you tell us more about the three main benefits that Allplan 2024 brings to professionals in the AEC industry?

Eduardo: Allplan 2024 focuses on three key benefits that will accelerate your daily work. The first benefit is increased productivity. We've planned numerous new features that enable more rapid design and improved workflows. For example, the new Content Connector and parametric intersections for roads are just a couple of the innovations that contribute to this benefit.

The second benefit is enabling smoother collaboration. We understand that working seamlessly with project partners is crucial for success. Allplan 2024 introduces new workflows and cloud-enabled tools such as mobile BIM2Field and Allplan Exchange, facilitating convenient documentation transfer and improved interoperability through superelevation data exchange.

Finally, the third benefit is superior design quality. Allplan 2024 provides BIM tools with superior functionality that supports greater precision. You can expect improved architectural design legends and enhanced 3D modifications and clash detection, among other features that enhance the quality of your designs.

In summary, what can professionals in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry expect from Allplan 2024?

Eduardo: In summary, Allplan 2024 is an exciting release that aims to accelerate design to build. We are thrilled about the new features it offers for the AEC industry. It's all about increasing productivity, enabling smoother collaboration, and delivering superior design quality. We invite our customers to stay tuned, watch out for sneak previews, and discover more of the new features and benefits that Allplan 2024 will bring.

Thank you, Eduardo, for sharing these insights.

Learn more about accelerating design to build with Allplan 2024.

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