3 Ways to Raise BIM Quality for Optimum Buildability

January 20, 2023

Quality is not something to add at a specific stage of a project - it starts right at the beginning and has to be continuously ensured. Especially during the design phase, the quality of the model and the reliability of information is an essential base for the right decisions to support optimum buildability. Tools for checking the BIM quality, such as those from Solibri, are vital to ensure that defects and clashes are avoided in the geometrical model, and that the requirements for information are fully provided.

Equally important are the managed and tracked solving of detected issues. Superior issue management workflows, as provided through Bimplus by ALLPLAN, ensure, that once issues are raised, they can easily be assigned to the relevant person in the team, visualized, annotated, assigned a deadline, and signed off, as well as easily tracked throughout an entire process.

Here are 3 ways Solibri and ALLPLAN provide the digital tools and workflows - for users across all phases from design to build - to ensure superior BIM quality and issue management for optimum buildability.

1. Solibri Inside for Designers

Created as a cloud solution for designers, Solibri Inside can run checks in Allplan models as and when the user wishes - using palette like functionality, from within the BIM Explorer in Allplan. No longer does the designer need to open other software to perform basic model checking. Solibri Inside ensures that every model has a defined level of quality before sharing within the workflow to other team members.

The first release of Solibri Inside service comes as a standard free package from Solibri and is available from within Allplan.* It allows checking of Door & Window clearances and also checks for determining Level of Information (LOI). By registering, more features are unlocked, and the Premium paid package allows the customization of rule checks to suit a designer’s specific project need, ensuring everyone in the team works with the same requirements. Find out more.

Solibri Inside_Pressemitteilung_NEUSolibri Inside allows checking of Door & Window clearances. Copyright: ALLPLAN

2. Real-Time BIM between Allplan and Solibri for BIM Managers

In addition to Solibri Inside, Allplan’s powerful issue management tools now synchronize with the Solibri BCF Live Connector – for a superior workflow to assist BIM Managers and Coordinators, such that issues created in the full Solibri Office version can now be transferred to Allplan and Bimplus in real-time.* Once the issues are inside the Allplan world, a managed process for solving them is started. Team members can immediately start working in the Allplan BIM authoring solution on solving the issues. But the issues can also be first validated by the BIM Coordinator on the Bimplus platform, and then assigned to the responsible team members. They receive the tasks directly in the Allplan BIM authoring solution – right where they require the information. This provides an effective and efficient method for managing changes, which in turn improves quality and buildability.

“This development represents another important step in enabling more efficient workflows for our different user groups – pushing and raising the level of design to build quality realized through BIM. The new connection with Solibri Inside enables an easy quality assurance entry point for designers and compliments our unique data-based BCF real-time checking and issue management workflow with Solibri Office for BIM managers.”
- Dr. Detlef Schneider, CEO of ALLPLAN -

3. Superior Issue Management

The issue management functionality provided by Bimplus is changing the way project quality is delivered. By developing workflows within Allplan – governed by Bimplus – clarity and transparency is brought to change management procedures. Issues can be created in either Allplan or Bimplus, assigned to the relevant person in the team, visualized, annotated, assigned a deadline, and signed off, as well as easily tracked throughout the entire process.

“Solibri Inside, in combination with Bimplus, helps Allplan users to identify and process model defects earlier. The controlled workflow provided through Bimplus issue management ensures quality implementation across all design stages, and a single source of truth for all project participants.”
- Ville Kyytsönen, CEO of Solibri -

Cloud-based Technology

ALLPLAN is committed to bringing the real benefits of cloud technology into all ALLPLAN solutions, to deliver enhanced and integrated workflows, across both cloud and desktop tools. This supports the concept of data driven decision making on projects, especially those involving substantial amounts of data and multiple stakeholders, whilst maintaining a single source of truth through BIM. ALLPLAN’s cloud technology offers huge value to clients - supporting collaboration and full project coordination with both model and non-model data, remote working, multi-user functionality and intelligent sharing of project documentation.

* Bimplus Professional required, available for purchase or included with Serviceplus or Subscription contracts