A World of Concrete!

January 5, 2018

For the first time ever, ALLPLAN is participating in the World of Concrete in Las Vegas, the largest annual international event ever dedicated to concrete. The ALLPLAN team is looking forward to presenting the Raise Your Level message as part of the Allplan 2018 launch together with solutions for concrete detailing at this exciting event.


ALLPLAN Meet us at the World of Concrete



The World of Concrete is 43 years young. In February 1975 the very first event was introduced in Houston, Texas. Back then there were just 77 companies exhibiting and around 1550 construction industry professionals in attendance. The times and construction industry have certainly changed considerably since then and the organizers now boast more than 1500 companies exhibiting and 55000 registered industry professionals!


This combined with conference sessions and more than 150 skill building seminars with top industry experts, presents the perfect opportunity for ALLPLAN to launch the Raise Your Level message to the USA and International markets. Seven years before the very first World of Concrete event ALLPAN began its journey in the AEC industry and has played a key role ever since in the digitalization of the construction sector.


With BIM solutions that include Architecture, Engineering Building and Civil products, together with an open BIM collaboration platform, engineers can create amazing models, detail the most complex reinforcement geometries and generate working drawings all within one advanced tool. Whether a user specializes in buildings, infrastructure, bridges or tunnels ALLPLAN solutions enable concrete constructions to come to life. Indeed ALLPLAN solutions have enabled a World of Concrete!


Raise Your Level

BIM is acknowledged as a vital component in construction projects of today and the Allplan Engineering BIM solutions for concrete construction, as part of the latest suite of Allplan 2018 products, provide the potential for the industry to raise the collaboration level to BIM level 2 and 3.


From paper to cloud BIM - from CAD based tools and files to connected information on every single object over the cloud. True collaboration on both native and open data in real time. Integrated products to enable a BIM working methodology.


From essential to specialized tools - unique best in class solutions make it even easier to get started with ALLPLAN software and be more productive quicker. Based on roles and tasks there are convenient and powerful functions for daily work. Furthermore, ALLPLAN provides the opportunity to connect seamlessly to other products over the cloud.


From file exchange to data workflows - IFC4 export enables model data to be exchanged. Managing and gathering BIM data is now made simpler, accomplished directly over the cloud, connected to the tools used daily.


A Concrete World!

Just some of the impressive concrete construction projects completed using ALLPLAN solutions include:


Reinforced concrete pylon with cablestayed tensioning and suspended roadway during the construction phase

The Queensferry Crossing near Edinburgh in Scotland

© iStockphoto LP // undefined undefined; https://www.istockphoto.com/de/foto/aerial-panorama-der-brücken-über-den-firth-of-forth-schottland-großbritannien-gm821198110-132793425


The Queensferry Crossing near Edinburgh in Scotland is a cablestayed bridge with three pylons over 200 m in height. It is one of the largest infrastructure projects in Europe and benefitted from ultramodern reinforcement planning in 3D thanks to the engineers from Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner (LAP) and Allplan Engineering. Read More


Limmat Tower Dietikon, Switzerland

Limmat Tower Dietikon, Switzerland

© Karl-Heinz Hamel, Synaxis AG


With the 80 meter high Limmat Tower, the Limmat Valley in Switzerland has its first skyscraper, which could become the landmark of the town of Dietikon, or the whole region. "The Limmat Tower stands for innovation, uniqueness and prospect," said Maik Neuhaus, head of development at Halter AG, at the turf-cutting ceremony in June 2013. Read More


Gotthard Base Tunnel, Switzerland

Gotthard Base Tunnel, Switzerland

© sbb und AlpTransit Gotthard AG


The scheduled commissioning on December 11, 2016, marked the end of the project of the century – the Gotthard Base Tunnel – after nearly 20 years of building time. Its route length of 57 kilometers through the Saint-Gotthard Massif between Erstfeld and Bodio makes the Gotthard Base Tunnel the longest rail tunnel in the world. Read More


Learn More

If you are visiting the World of Concrete this January, don't forget to stop by at our booth #C3531. The ALLPLAN team will be demonstrating our full suite of ALLPLAN solutions for structural and civil engineers together with our open BIM collaboration platform. The team will be presenting the Raise Your Level message practically and showcasing the ALLPLAN range of tools for concrete detailing. Alternatively, for more information see https://www.allplan.com/en/events/events/events-detail/event/event/show/world-of-concrete-2018-01-23.