Working On Projects Internationally

May 15, 2020 12:00:00 PM

As projects becoming increasingly ambitious, the teams that are needed to deliver these complex works are increasingly spacially distributed. Especially with large projects, tenders are often received from companies worldwide, rather than being limited to just national firms. With the ever developing digital collaboration possibilities that are available, architecture, civil engineering, and construction has truly become a global workplace. However, working with teams spread across different countries, companies, and offices presents – apart from the international time differences – some unique challenges, particularly around data handling, teamwork, and communication.

Fortunately, advanced software solutions such as Allplan 2020 and our suite of support applications can help address and overcome these issues. Whether you need to share a 3D model with specialist disciplines, use the Building Information Modeling (BIM) digital working method to work collaboratively, or allocate and track project tasks transparently, ALLPLAN has a solution.


Secure Data Handling

Being able to share information is crucial to the success of any project, but data must be kept secure. Allplan Bimplus is a cloud-based model collaboration platform that enables easier and more secure file sharing across multiple teams and locations. Using openBIM data exchange interfaces, data can be shared quickly and easily irrespective of the program used to create the information. User access rights can be set for all team members, ensuring effective document control and security with both Allplan Bimplus and Allplan Workgroup Manager. All information is encrypted using the highest security standards to ensure your – and your client’s – data is protected. Bimplus makes data exchange not only secure but highly reliable too. Sharing BIM data doesn't automatically mean that the model looks the same in any CAD tool it is displayed in. As Bimplus is a cloud-based service, everyone accesses the same data with the same viewer in the browser. That gives trust and reliability to any communication process.


Effective And Transparent Teamwork

Collaboration is the key to delivering large or complex projects on time and to budget. With tools such as Allplan Bimplus, individual discipline models can be merged into a common coordinated model of the project. This allows high model and design quality standards – with clash detection in or between models – as well as the ability to easily manage and share project data simultaneously. Features such as the Task Board enable effective project management and transparent collaboration, so everyone knows what has been completed and what is still outstanding. This is beneficial for team members even if they do not use the same programs, allowing them to access information from any device just by opening an internet browser. And with add-ons such as Allplan Share, users gain additional functionality such as real-time collaboration in Allplan teams, access to the task management tools and board, and audit controls.


Fast Real-Time Access

With both Allplan Bimplus and Allplan Share, team members can work on and access the same project information simultaneously. Both individual workstations as well as users outside the local area network (LAN) can access the project, enabling access to real-time updates as the project changes. No matter where in the world team members access the project from, they will be able to use the most up-to-date information for quicker and better-informed decisions.


Easy License Sharing

With the Allplan License Server, licenses can be effectively managed and optimally deployed for employees located within the corporate network, as well as externally. This flexible and secure arrangement ensures that everyone who needs a license can have access to the software they need without any extra complications, while freeing up IT staff for other activities.


All The Tools You Need

ALLPLAN provides a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that support architecture firms and civil engineering consultancies to work on a global scale. Thanks to our robust, cloud-based technology, project teams no longer need to be limited to national boundaries when selecting projects to tender for or partners to work with. The ALLPLAN software suite supports the entire project team to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate their works from anywhere in the world.



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