Working From Home With Allplan

April 15, 2020

The world-wide Corona virus pandemic has had an impact on us all and in all aspects of our daily lives. There are restrictions on what we can and can’t do in many countries.

Many offices have been offering their employees the opportunity to work from home for some time now and have the appropriate technical infrastructure in place. Others, out of current necessity, are entering uncharted territory.

Quite a few would have usually worked within the office with access to a shared data storage system. In the home office, for them the question therefore arises as to how they can continue working on their projects without a direct connection to it. Allplan offers three possibilities here:

1. Allplan Share: Together in the Cloud

The Allplan Share cloud solution is ideal for continuing to work on a project together with colleagues at home. Allplan must be installed on the computer used as a single workstation without access to a central file storage folder - otherwise the program will not start. If the computer used is a member of a workgroup installation, it must first be checked out of the workgroup in the office. Allplan Share allows multiple users to access and work on a project simultaneously. The basic requirement is, of course, that the project is also in the cloud.

2. Continue working alone with Workgroup Manager

If you want to continue working on your project alone, there are two possibilities. The first is if Workgroup Manager is included in the license. In this situation the computer in the office can be checked out of the workgroup environment and then taken home. The projects can be moved and copied on the computer and if copied, the original can be locked on the server.

3. Continue alone without a Workgoup Manager

If the office computer is to be used in the home office during an installation without Workgroup Manager, Allplan must first be uninstalled and then reinstalled using the local paths. If another computer is used, you need to return the license to the office computer and install it on the home computer. Corresponding projects are imported into the local installation using a traditional data backup.

ALLPLAN is here to support you and your working from home with Allplan needs. For more information see our Allplan for Home Office web page with additional details and our emergency request form to get quickly operational in your home office.