The Top 5 Most Helpful Tools for Architects

May 19, 2021

Creating unique, aesthetically pleasing, and viable architectural designs takes time – but this process can be greatly accelerated with the right tools. Using advanced architectural CAD drafting software, architects can model and visualize any design they can imagine, providing complete freedom. For example, Allplan 2021 has been built specifically to give architects the tools they need to create, visualize, and update their designs as quickly, easily, and accurately as possible. These are the top five tools that Allplan users find indispensable in their daily work.

Advanced 3D Modeling Tools

Any 3D architecture program can make 3D models, but the ease and efficiency with which they can be created varies greatly. Allplan’s 3D freeform modeling tools give architects complete control and make model creation simple. Tools such as extruding or sweeping along a path and Boolean operations significantly speed up the modeling process. Curved surfaces can be used to trim a volume, such as a sloped roof being used as a cutting surface to trim the building below. As modeling takes up a large portion of the design schedule, being able to find efficient ways of modeling has a considerable impact on the design time required.

Realistic Visualization Tools

Being able to visualize the completed building is a huge benefit – not only does it help avoid errors on site, it also brings the design to life for the client and any other stakeholders. Whether it is a preliminary design for a competition, or a fully detailed design with a virtual walkthrough before construction, Allplan includes Cinerenderer, RealTimeRenderer, and Videopath to give architects all the visualization tools they need to create stunning presentations, photos, and videos of their work.

Comprehensive Building Components

Modeling the same components from scratch over and over again is time-consuming – and avoidable. Allplan 2021 gives users access to a variety of standardized building components and a comprehensive library of commonly used objects – including structural components, building elements, and furniture – for quick and easy modeling. BIM EASY components contain relevant Building Information Modeling (BIM) attributes, which can be swiftly updated to match the project requirements if needed.

Smart Objects and Scripting Tools

If the required object is not in the library, another option is to use PythonParts or SmartParts to create and save it as a new standard. SmartParts or PythonParts can be used to define commonly used objects that can be modified to the exact dimensions required and adjusted parametrically – such as individual window designs or interiors like tables with adaptable amounts of seats. In addition, Allplan 2021 also includes Visual Scripting tools, which allow architects to create their own scripts using blocks of pre-written code. For example, an undulating exterior façade can be designed using Visual Scripting to determine the exact position of every brick – all without any programming knowledge required.

Change Management Features

Scope changes and variations are difficult to manage and negatively affect delivery. Allplan significantly mitigates the impact of any changes, as any modifications to the model are updated everywhere. For example, a change to a roof detail in the model itself will update any sections or details that have been created from that area, as well as any quantity and cost reports that are linked to this information. Instead of having to open and update a collection of 2D views of each change, Allplan removes the manual work and helps ensure greater accuracy and speed.

The Best 3D CAD Software for Architects

Allplan 2021 provides the best architecture tools for architects to undertake their work easily and efficiently, all while supporting innovation and creativity. With the added open BIM interfaces, collaboration with other specialists and stakeholders is straightforward, no matter which programs they use. To see how Allplan can help make your design process faster, easier, and more accurate, download a free, 30-day trial.