Reaching For The Sky: The Newest Skyscrapers Built In 2019

August 21, 2020

Once upon a time, a building over 200 meters tall would have been considered as one of the world’s tallest buildings. Yet architects and contractors are always reaching further, with 2019 being a record year for skyscrapers over 300m high – 26 more of these incredible buildings were completed around the world. According to the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, buildings over 300 meters high are classed as supertall, while megatall buildings are over 600 meters high. While there are only 3 megatall skyscrapers globally, the supertall category is growing every year, featuring 173 buildings as of May 2020. If you’re looking for architectural inspiration, look no further than these tall skyscrapers completed in 2019.

Tianjin CTF Finance Centre, Tianjin, China

Distinctly rocket-like in appearance, the Tianjin CTF Finance Centre was the tallest building to be completed in 2019, with an architectural height of 530 meters. It is currently the eighth tallest building in the world. It was specifically designed to be aerodynamic, with each square floor plate reducing in size to create an elegant taper and using rounded corners The 101 floors (four below ground) house offices as well as 365 hotel rooms and 249 luxury serviced apartments.

Tianjin_CTF_Finance_Centre,_21_of_24-1© Von BD2412 - Eigenes Werk, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Lakhta Centre, St. Petersburg, Russia

Ranking as the tallest skyscraper in Europe, the Lakhta Centre features 90 floors (three of which are below ground) over a height of 462 meters. The external façade creates a twisted shape that rises to a point for a striking appearance. As a LEED Platinum certified building, this mixed-use building of offices and public facilities is one of the most eco-friendly skyscrapers built.

iStock-1124699316_NEU© iStockphoto LP / konstantinks

The Exchange 106, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This 445-meter-high building – which was constructed in just three years – is the third tallest building in Malaysia. However, the top of the tower features an uninhabitable roof, so the occupied or usable height of the tower is 397 meters. Unusually, the 95 floors above ground are column-less, creating large, open-plan office spaces. The developer claims that The Exchange 106 is the most luxurious office skyscraper in the world, with matching rental prices that are the highest in Malaysia.

iStock-1156705772_NEU© iStockphoto LP / Nirian

Hudson Yards, New York, USA

Hudson Yards is a new, mixed-use development located within Manhattan in New York City. It features several skyscrapers of varying heights, of which three were completed in 2019: 15, 30, and 35 Hudson Yards. The first is a 70-story residential building with a height of 278 meters, and similarly, 35 Hudson Yards is a residential building and hotel of 71 floors at 308 meters tall. Meanwhile, 30 Hudson Yards is a huge office complex that reaches 387 meters into the city’s skyline. This development is still undergoing construction, with another 300-meter-high skyscraper in progress that is due for completion in 2022.

iStock-1037869560_NEU© iStockphoto LP / Travel Wild

NBK Tower, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Built to be the new headquarters of the Kuwait National Bank, the NBK Tower is 300 meters tall and features an unusual, organic, and rounded shape that culminates in a gentle taper. Using a cleverly designed façade, the offices inside are shielded from Kuwait’s extreme summer heat by a series of concrete fins. The building also incorporates both passive and active measures to help reduce water and energy consumption, for an environmentally friendly solution.