Supply Chain Collaboration Across Projects

Jun 12, 2020 12:00:00 PM

Across the world, construction projects are delivered in a broadly similar manner: every project is the result of several disciplines working together to deliver their section of the works. However, this is complicated by the fact that these disciplines often work in different locations, for different companies, under different contractual conditions or financial arrangements, and with people who may not have worked together before. In addition, each of these disciplines are trying to coordinate and integrate a large amount of complex information, procedures, and systems. The result is a fragmented team with varying aims, working methods, and delivery styles trying to complete the project in their own distinct way.

Yet despite their differences, every team member has a goal which unites them – delivering the project on time and on budget. Building on this goal, modern forms of construction contracts and partnering models have been specifically developed to foster collaboration amongst the project team. This requires not only a change of culture, attitudes, and behaviors from the project participants, but also new working methods and procedures that support a collaborative approach. In order to achieve the increased cooperation and collaboration that complex projects and partnering contracts require, specialist tools that offer optimized communication, better process management, and a continuous exchange of information are needed.


Optimized Communication

Using a cloud-based collaboration platform like Allplan Bimplus supports enhanced communication by providing the project team with a centralized, common platform for sharing and storing model based information. Information such as geometry, materials, and performance characteristics are all attached to building components in the model via attributes, which are assigned using 3D modeling software like Allplan Architecture or Allplan Engineering. Each discipline then uploads their sub-model containing this information into the central coordination model. Using Allplan Bimplus’ integrated viewer and third-party virtual reality tools, team members can easily visualize the model for increased understanding of the project.


Continuous Information Exchange

With Allplan Share multiple disciplines can continuously and collaboratively model data in real time. Additionally, Allplan Architecture and Allplan Engineering enable different disciplines to access certain parts of models based on assigned rights and roles.


Using Allplan Bimplus, the coordination model can be accessed by all parties from any location, at any time, and from any device. It also supports better data management by giving team members access to the most up-to-date information whenever they require it, rather than being reliant on outdated methods of sharing information such as email. Changes are updated in real-time and instantly accessible to all parties, and collisions are immediately identified when the sub-models are combined into the coordination model. Allplan Bimplus also uses data exchange interfaces such as IFC and BCF to allow system-independent collaboration regardless of the software each party uses.


Improved Process Management

Another useful collaboration feature of Allplan Bimplus is the task board. This can be used to coordinate the activities of all parties in a central and transparent location. Using the task navigator, responsibilities, priorities and due dates can be defined and communicated in real-time. Tasks can be reviewed and further information attached as required, such as Word documents or PDFs, so tasks can be resolved while sharing information centrally.


Enhanced Collaboration For Superior Results

Using a cloud-based collaboration platform like Allplan Bimplus permits the cross-disciplinary design, construction and operation of buildings in the most collaborative manner. The superior planning and cooperation between parties as a result leads to better quality buildings for clients with fewer discrepancies during construction. For designers and contractors, projects are delivered faster, with less waste and increased efficiency thanks to the simultaneous and location-independent access for all team members to the current project status and defined tasks. If increased collaboration on projects is one of your goals, consider implementing Allplan Bimplus and see the benefits of optimized communication, data exchange, and process management for yourself.



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