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May 17, 2023

It's practical, compact, free, and available now: our e-book on maximizing efficiency in construction through prefabrication. Discover new automation options and insights into how experts expect the industry to develop in the coming years. 

In times when location-independent collaboration, automated processes, and increased efficiency are essential for survival, the success of construction projects is also a question of powerful software solutions.

In the past, efficiency and production optimization were two of the key success factors of any project in construction. But is that still the case today? In fact, both of these factors are even more critical, for several reasons: firstly, because we have to cope with dynamic markets and a shortage of skilled workers. Secondly, because sustainability needs to be genuine, rather than just the latest buzzword. And finally, because the information age has dawned at a rapid pace right from the start.

Maximizing Productivity - How to optimize your Precast Design and Detailing: Read E-Book now!

Speaking of information: our team has extensive expertise in productivity improvement and efficiency, developed over several decades of close collaboration with our customers. As we cover the entire precast process, we can offer valuable knowledge and insights – and we do so through various channels. Our latest e-book - titled "Maximum Productivity" after the principle of nomen est omen – is the most recent example, providing concise and practical guidance on optimizing processes in the precast sector.

The future of the construction industry and the importance of prefabrication

You probably know that precast concrete elements are among the most commonly used forms of prefabrication and have been used on construction sites for decades. Forecasts predict a rapid growth in the precast industry in the coming years, which is expected to exceed the growth of the construction industry in general. This is not surprising since successful construction is closely linked to efficiency, short lead times, and high precision – and all of these aspects can be achieved through successful precast construction.

Current developments: the increasing importance of the 3D BIM method

Our e-book sheds light on various topics, one of which is the increasing adoption of 3D BIM models by clients. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is anticipated to induce a transformation in the construction industry, bringing about a small revolution in process automation.

It is undeniable that general contractors, engineering firms, and other construction stakeholders will reap the benefits of BIM. Thus, avoiding its implementation is no longer a viable option. Our software solutions provide an easy transition towards BIM, enabling proficient management of both 2D and 3D data.

Gain a competitive edge

Our e-book provides valuable insights and the future outlook of prefabrication, BIM solutions, the possibilities of seamless collaboration beyond geographical barriers, and much more.

By exploring the background of industry growth, you can anticipate any impending challenges and acquire key strategies to maximize your competitiveness. Download our e-book and unlock your potential to stay ahead of the curve.

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