Customizing Your AEC Design Work

January 5, 2022

The days of doing every step by hand, checking every rule manually or re-doing the same steps are over. With the growing popularity of custom apps, architects and engineers can now take advantage of the ability to personalize their workflows to create designs faster and more accurately than ever before.

With the Allplan Python-API we provide a powerful tool, which can be used to increase the efficiency within the design process, reduce costs through automation, increase safety and security, protect the environment, or reduce costs by the efficient use of raw materials. The ability for you to customize your design work is included in Allplan.

Do not worry if you don't have any programming skills, because we have written a graphical user interface (GUI) that allows you to create custom apps in a graphical interface. Regardless of whether you use the graphical interface solution integrated within Allplan called "Visual Scripting" or directly use the Python-API, there are no limits to your imagination.

The API can be easily used by you or your developers to create apps according to your needs and specifications. Some examples of potential benefits include:

Increase Design Performance

The workflow is very simple. By entering a few parameters, your custom app creates the desired object with all the associated information, such as a column with all dimensions, reinforcement and all the necessary details. As an example, we have created a video in which a complete room is created in less than two minutes.

Reduced Errors for Improved Quality

By using custom apps, it is easy to reduce errors and increase design performance. In the past if several similar objects were needed, they were copied, pasted, and adapted. By adapting in this way, there is a risk that not all components of the object are changed correctly. With customizing technology, similar objects can easily be created several times, so that one is sure that all details of the object are correct.

Compliance with regulations

Most users have one or more folders full of regulations that need to be considered. These checks can be automated using custom apps. By calling up the customized apps, the defined specifications can be checked, and the user informed of any deviations.

PythonParts_Bridge© ALLPLAN

Safety and Security

Customized apps can easily determine if there is a risk to production or construction workers. It can check if all specifications to protect employees are met or indicate a risk. For example, these apps can easily check that lifting bolts / lift-off anchors are in the right places and at the right strength.

Environmental protection

These functions can also contribute to environmental protection, so that, for example, insulation is cut in such a way that as little as possible must be disposed of. This step reduces costs and protects the environment at the same time.

Pythonparts© ALLPLAN

Automation for single or recuring steps

Custom apps allow the automation of steps that have to be carried out once or several times. If special reinforcement is required for openings, this step can be automated very easily. You simply select the desired grade of reinforcement and the system makes the desired changes.

Design Smarter

Leveraging the power of tools such as Visual Scripting and the Python-API in Allplan enable parametric modeling and processes within your Allplan software that can help the design process become not just more efficient, but also more effective. Why waste time when you can be working smarter with Allplan? To try Allplan for yourself, download a free, 30-day trial. Or learn more about Customization, Automation, and Integration with Allplan on our website.